Blue Bonnet Stables

Breeders of the Rocky Mountain Horse

(Located north of Houston, Texas)

Focusing on Foundational Bloodlines with gentleness and gaiting ability

BBS Step in Time (Kaylee)

2017 Chocolate Roan Filly
Parents: Gem X Belle

Squirrel Bloodlines
Four socks, very Flashy!
Pictured at 12 months

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2018 Bay ROAN Colt
Parents: Tigre X Milagro

8 hours old

Sale Pending

BBS Code of Honor (Cody)

Jessica Shannon, Trainer

Scheduled for an April show at

Dallas Charity Horse Show

BBS Spanish Heartache (Maverick)

Late 2016 Smokey Black Roan Colt
Parents: Tigre X Milagro

Squirrel Grandson!
Very Calm Colt
Pictured at 16 months

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Price: $2,500

BBS Grand Finale (Starla)

2015 Chocolate Filly
Parents: Gem X Lady

Very pretty!
Pictured at 3 years
Measured at 14.3 Hands

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Price: $2,500

BBS Friar Tuck (Tucker)

2017 Chocolate Dun Colt
Parents: Tigre X Joy

Yankee Grandson!
Very sweet boy!
Pictured at 10 months

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Price: $1,500


Pictured at 2 years
Our future broodmare


Two young colts
They are for sale!


Three of our broodmares!

Tigre de Tejas (Tigre)

Grullo Roan Stallion
Parents: Buck X SS Scotch Bonnet

Meet our two stallions!

They are invaluable to us!!

To the right,
in memory of
Kathy Parrish.

Amego's Rockin' Gem (Gem)

Chocolate Stallion
Parents: Amego X Cana Del Plata

Our 2018 Foal Crop is just around the corner!!!

I am here!!
Parents: Tigre X Dosey

I am here!!
Parents: Tigre X Milagro

I am due May 7 2018
Parents: Gem X Belle

Below...Check out what happened at the Farm this year!

Brent working a dozer behind our pond
January 2017

Brent's gelding, Cisco, takes a Blue!
Charles Peters, trainer and rider
May 2017

Brian headed to Medical School!
University of Texas - San Antonio
June 2017

Brian working on a drainage problem
November 2017

Brent at Texas A&M, College Station
Majoring in Petroleum Engineering
October 2017

Brian on his gelding, Dancer
Sam Houston National Forest
January 2017

Above; we took Lady to a de-spooking clinic in Dallas! It was COLD that day!!